Leader Card

Your convenience. Our business.

There are multiple cards available in the market for local customers but a need for a card was felt which would cover all aspects of our daily lives; a card which is worthy of trust; a card which offers extraordinarily diverse discounts on our typical shopping outlets; a card which is usable without any time or financial limitation.
A team of globally trained and experienced marketing specialists are bringing you one such card that would fulfill all your needs and eliminate all kinds of inconvenience and hassle from your lives – LEADER CARD.

Leader Card has been designed keeping in view the customers’ needs in this time of rising prices and aims at offering the best package of services and facilities in the discount card arena.
The Leader Card offers a substantial discount (10-50% in most cases) on over 60 well-reputed companies, belonging to diverse sectors in the country. Leader Card introduces three different cards namely Blue Card, Green Card, Red Card, which cater to particular sectors of the economy.

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